The Artist

In 2018, I embarked on a mission to spread pure art to the wider community, thereby igniting my journey with Pure Téchne. It started with coffee-stained art pieces that found a home on a local coffee shop's shelf. Then, I ventured into local markets, now with an online presence, Pure Téchne has now garnered a worldwide audience. Over the years, this endeavor has developed into a platform for me to share my art and connect with individuals worldwide.

As someone whose love language is gift-giving, I have taken great pleasure in curating a gift shop that espouses 'The Art of Gift Giving'. My intention is to provide individuals with an avenue to express their love and appreciation for those they cherish through meaningful and heartfelt gifts. Each piece is hand-created to inspire, uplift and connect. Give the gift of art that tells a story, evokes emotion and leaves a lasting impact.

Through my ardent love for astrology, I have curated a collection of pure and authentic art prints. These range from Zodiac Couple Compatibility prints / Astrology prints / Numerology / Moon Sign / Alphabet Spiritual Meaning / Personalised Custom Designs & so much more!

In tandem with my artistic pursuits, I have developed a passion for clean and low-toxicity products. To that end, I have meticulously curated a range of essential oil products that cater to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.