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Pure Téchne

Zodiac Wall Art - 'Taurus'

Zodiac Wall Art - 'Taurus'

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Zodiac Expressions - The Collection 

This zodiac collection features prints that represent each zodiac sign with a minimalist one-line face drawing set against a pastel-coloured background. Each print is designed to match the element associated with the sign, using warm and vibrant tones for fiery signs, warm and muted tones for earth signs, cool and airy tones for air signs, and cool and watery tones for water signs. The one-line faces are drawn with strokes that match the energy and personality of each sign. This collection is a beautiful and creative way to connect with your zodiac sign and add a touch of personality to your space.

Print Size Guide

- A4 Size - 210 x 297mm - White Matte Paper
- A3 Size - 297 x 420mm - White Matte Paper
- A2 Size - 420 x 594mm - White Matte Paper
- A1 Size - 594 x 841mm - White Matte Paper

Frame Options (A4 Only)

- Black
- White
- Light Wooden
- Dark Wooden

Additional Information

- Made in Australia
- Fully Tracked Shipping Included

© All artwork is copyrighted by Pure Téchne. All rights reserved. 

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